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Time to Be Accountable

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Aurora and I have just had the most amazing 4 days in our Harmony in Motion Clinic. Ive been hanging out with the Brumby youngsters a lot recently, so to do something with Rors again was brilliant. I’d forgotten how amazing she truly is! 

Following on from this I’m going to make a commitment to do a session with Rors everyday for the next 30 days. This will get us well on our way to gaining the fitness and finness we need to complete our Level 3 tasks. It seems the older I get the worse I am at completing anything, project completion these days is my nemesis, if you could see my house you’d see exactly what I mean! So many projects… so little time 😄 

Its July, wet and cold, and my riding surfaces at home are pretty uninspiring (boggy mud should come to mind...) so I am making myself accountable right here and now to get some progress happening. The most important part of this challenge will be to let go of my task focus and ease up on the determination factor. Rors needs me to see all her trys and find lots of release for the contact work so I can encourage her softness and self carriage, even the smallest make or brace from me is going to throw it all away so this will test both of us.

My goal is to everyday post a photo or a comment on our session so I can stay accountable to the challenge I've set myself. 

Let's have some fun and see where it takes us. Happy trails!

For now Im posting my updates to the Quantum Savvy Student Forum as that is a practical place to share on a daily basis. If you're a QS member you can go to the following Link:

Its Time Again...

When I wrap up I'll come back here and update everyone or you may even see the odd update on facebook.

Jen and Rors enjoying the obstacles at the Brumby Festival last summer.

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