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Expressions of Interest now being taken for 2021 Camp Brumbies.

I am super excited to announce that Southern Brumbies will be teaming up with the Quantum Savvy Professionals Team in December 2021 to halter train and rehome a handful of our Victorian and Kozsciousko Brumbies. Theses horses are all sourced through National Parks trapping programs and without community groups and rehomers don’t have much of a chance. Horses will be personally selected by us at Southern Brumbies to take part in this 10 days of introduction into their life as domestic horses.

Have you been following the plight of our Brumbies and desperately wanted to help but have been unsure about how to make this happen. This could be the event you’ve been waiting for.

How else can you be involved? We are looking for short term sponsors for these Brumbies - you’ll be first in line to have the option of purchase.


Participate in the program with us as an auditor, see first hand how we train and understand the logic behind what we do. The only requirement is that you join us on Day 1.

So what’s next?

Get in touch with us at Southern Brumbies to register your interest, and please feel free to ask questions!

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