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JEN RENOUF                                                                                                

Jen has had a lifetime passion for our brumbies and after her first encounter at the Victorian Brumby Association fell in love with Aurora in 2007. Since then she has been on a life long road to discovery to understand her horses better and become the best horseman she can, and has continued to study extensively over the past 10 years with Shane and Meredith Ransley, two of Australia's leading Horsemanship Professionals and the Quantum Savvy Horsemanship program.
She often takes her Brumbies on the road to demonstrate their wonderful qualities as well as for educational camps and experiences. They are all well travelled, travelling to and from Victoria, NSW and Qld. Hanging out in truck stops, or grazing by the side of the highway just adding to their daily life. She also enjoys taking her Brumbies to a variety of shows and competitions. 2018 saw Jen take Aurora into Melbourne, riding from Fitzroy Gardens and onto the steps of Parliament House, bitless and unshod as part of the rally to get a better deal for the horses in National Parks Draft Management Plan.                                                 
Participating in the 2016 Brumby Challenge with VBA Jack was extra icing on the cake, allowing her to expand knowledge, experiences and add an extra layer to her level of horsemanship, making some new discoveries and new friends, and since then continuing to do what she can for the Victorian Brumby Association and their shared passion for rehoming and advocating for our amazing Heritage Brumbies.                                                                                                    

Excelling the virtues of the Australian Alpine Brumby